Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (2024)

When the temperatures drop, and we're spending more time indoors, we need something fun and educational to keep the kids entertained. This list of winter crafts for kids is just the ticket!

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (1)

Spend quality time with the children making winter hats, mittens, snowmen, polar bears, foxes, owls, penguins, and so much more.

You'll find a great variety of winter projects that will appeal to kids of all ages, but especially for toddlers and preschoolers.These winter crafts are a nice change from the Christmas crafts that dominate December because there's still plenty of winter left once the holidays are over. Which one will you make first?

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Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (2)

Winter Crafts for Kids from Messy Little Monster

We have plenty of wonderful winter crafts for kids right here. From snowmen to penguins to robins and polar bears, we've got plenty of projects to keep little hands busy and little minds engaged when you're stuck indoors.

Melting Snowman Craft

Melting snowman can be just as fun as standing snowmen. Really! Check out our Melting Snowman Craft made with felt, button, pom-poms, small twigs, ribbon, and a few other materials. It really does look like a snowman in a puddle. Because this is a more free-form craft, it's super easy for toddlers and preschoolers to make.

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (3)

Paper Plate Snowflake

You probably made paper or coffee filter snowflakes as a kid, but have you ever made them using paper plates? Our Paper Plate Snowflake craft walks you through, step-by-step, to create your own snowflake template to create lots of beautiful blue snowflakes. You can paint them any colour you like, but this shade of blue looks particularly frosty.

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (4)

Mix and Match Snowman Craft

Kids will love using their own photos to make this Mix and Match Snowman Craft. Use our printable template to mix and match pieces to build your own snowman. Add some magnetic tape on the back to turn them into cute refrigerator magnets for winter.

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (5)

Popsicle Stick Arctic Animals Crafts

Winter is the perfect time of year to study cold-weather animals. Our Popsicle Stick Arctic Animals Crafts include a penguin, moose, polar bear, and walrus. You'll need popsicle sticks, foam sheets, pom-poms, googly eyes, and paint to turn those simple sticks into cute little critters.

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (6)

Cardboard Tube Penguin Craft

You don't have to wait until Valentine's Day to make this Cardboard Tube Penguin Craft featuring an adorable penguin holding a heart. It's a fun project anytime your child would like to make someone smile.

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (7)

Snowflake Marshmallows

These Snowflake Marshmallows are a craft, treat, and STEM project all in one. Use toothpicks, large marshmallows, and mini marshmallows to build lots of beautiful snowflakes. Perch them on the side of a steaming cup of hot chocolate for a sweet drink. What else can you build using toothpicks and marshmallows? Use your imagination!

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (8)

Footprint Robin

There's something special about seeing those charming red-breasted robins on a snowy day. But you can enjoy these cute little birdies anytime by making your own Footprint Robin. This will be such a cute little keepsake to make with your baby, toddler, or preschooler.

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (9)

Penguin Potato Print Craft

Want to make a penguin in just minutes? This Potato Print Penguin is super easy and lots of fun for kids of all ages. The potato stamp creates the perfect round body for a penguin. Add a white belly, some googly eyes, and a beak, and you're all set.

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (10)

Snow Globe Winter Craft

Create your own winter wonderland using out snow globe template. Take a photograph of your little one in winter clothes, glue the photograph to the snow globe template and then add painting fingerprints in white to create snow. It's as easy as that to create your own snow globe craft!

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (11)

Winter Rock Painting Craft

How adorable are these winter rock painting crafts? Follow our step by step directions to make one of the winter rocks in the image below or design your own!

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (12)

Clay Mitten Handprint Craft

Is it a craft or a keepsake? It's both! Make this adorable clay handprint ornament in the shape of a mitten. It is the perfect winter craft for babies and toddlers as you can create a keepsake that you will want to treasure forever.

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (13)

Melting Snowman Craft and Poem

If your little toddlers, preschoolers or even big kids enjoy getting messy, then this melting snowman craft made from puffy paint is the perfect craft for them! Print out the cute poem, mix up a batch of puffy paint and get creative as you make your own melting snowman picture. The best part about this craft is that you really can't go wrong, wherever you decide to place your snowman's hat, eyes, scarf etc he will look like the perfect melted snowman!

Winter Polar Bear Craft

Isn't the polar bear the cutest looking winter animal? Well this polar bear craft definitely is! Made using our polar bear template and a potato print of all things, kids will love making this fun craft.

Easy Mitten Craft

Use outmitten template to make this easy, but wonderful winter craft. This mitten craft is the perfect craft to make alongside reading 'The Mitten' by Jan Brett, or to make as part of a winter or weather project.

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (16)

PicassoSnowman Craft

Here is a whole new take on making a snowman craft! Inspired by the famous artist Picasso use our template and have fun with various colours and shapes as you make your own fun version of this Picasso snowman craft.

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (17)

DIY Snow Globe

Find out how to make a snow globe with a picture inside with our step by step tutorial. Adding photographs to a working snow globe makes this such an adorable winter craft for kids of all ages to engage in.

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (18)

Snowman Colouring Page

Keep things simple with our snowman colouring page. Colour it as it is or turn it into a line study by adding lines in various directions to the printable.

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (19)

Handprint Snowman Craft

Here is another fun snowman idea that makes a great winter craft for kids of all ages. Use pastels and markers along with a hand template to create this fun handprint snowman craft.

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (20)

Personalised Snowflake and Snowman candle

Have you ever wondered how to make personalised candles with pictures on them? It is much easier than you would think. These snowflake and snowman candles make the perfect winter craft for kids to either gift or keep!

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (21)

More Fun Winter Crafts for Kids

Here are even more fun winter craft from other wonderful websites!

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (22)

Popcorn Winter Tree

Enjoy a snack and make a beautiful, snow-covered tree at the same time. This Popcorn Winter Tree Craft by A Dab of Glue Will Do is made using popcorn, construction paper, and glue. How easy is that? It's a fun craft for home or school.

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (23)

Winter Hat Scratch Art

Use the winter hat template, oil pastels, black acrylic paint, and pom-poms to make this colourful Winter Hat Scratch Art Craft by Projects with Kids. Colour the hats with oil pastels, coat it in paint, and then scratch your designs into it to reveal the colour underneath. Add pretty pom-poms on top to complete the look.

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (24)

Sparkly Icicle Craft

Create this Sparkly Icicle Craft from Kids Craft Room with aluminum foil, glue, and blue glitter. They look stunning and will make fantastic ornaments for your Christmas tree. They're wonderful for outside the Christmas season, too. Hang them in your windows!

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (25)

Snowman Scene Winter Craft for Kids

Create a wintery Snowman Scene using your fingerprints as snowflakes! Toddlers and preschoolers will love this project from The Craft Train. Colouring and cutting out the snowman and dabbing on the snowflakes give little hands lots of fine motor practice.

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (26)

Snowman Pinch Pots

Clay is a fun medium for kids to work with. This winter, make some adorable Snowman Pinch Pots by Red Ted Art. These cute little snowmen are a great way to get in some fine motor practice by working and pinching the clay, plus they'll make cute decorative pieces for your Christmas or winter scenes.

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (27)

Handprint Arctic Fox

How adorable is this Handprint Arctic Fox from Our Kid Things? It's such a fun way to preserve your child's handprints, and it's easy enough for your preschooler or kindergartener to do mostly independently. Though little ones may need help cutting out their handprints, the triangles for the head and ears should be fairly easy.

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (28)

Coffee Filter Snowman Craft

Whether it's too cold to go outside or there's no snow to be seen, you can still have fun making a snowman. This simple Snowman Coffee Filter Craft by Look We're Learning is super easy for little ones of all ages. You could even make a smaller version with a cupcake liner and turn it into a lovely winter card for someone.

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (29)

Sparkly Handprint Mittens

Preserve those tiny handprints in these sweet Sparkly Handprint Mittens by Fun Handprint Art. If you do this in the classroom, string them together to make a banner for the wall. The mittens will make wonderful additions to your child's scrapbook this year.

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (30)

Snowy Owl Craft

Owls are such interesting creatures. Read a book about snowy owls and then make this cute Snowy Owl Winter Craft by Fantastic Fun and Learning. Use a loofah or sponge to make a fluffy owl, and then add eyes, feet, and a few more accent pieces.

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (31)

Winter Hat Craft

Here's another easy and Fun Winter Hat Craft by Easy Peasy and Fun. Colour the template with crayons and add fuzzy cotton balls to the hat's trim and the little ball on top. String them up together to make a fun winter banner for your walls.

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (32)

Snowman Thumbprint Art

Thumbprint art projects are such a fun way to get beautiful seasonal and holiday art with toddlers and preschoolers. This Snowman Thumbprint Art by A Dab of Glue Will Do is incredibly easy. Cut out the snowman template, stamp around it with fingerprints, and then add the snowman's face. Won't it look wonderful hanging on your wall?

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (33)

Penguin Newspaper Craft

Recycle a newspaper to make some charming penguins. This Penguin Newspaper Craft by I Heart Crafty Things is simply adorable, and the newspaper print on the penguin's belly really pops. If you had a special newspaper clipping you wanted to save for the scrapbook, this would be a fun way to do it, too! We love how the penguin's wings come off the page and the added dimension from the snowflakes.

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (34)

Polar Bear Handprint Craft

This Polar Bear Handprint Craft by Simple Everyday Mom is the perfect craft to pair with Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? to make storytime a little more fun. It's also a terrific addition to a unit on Arctic animals.

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (35)

Paper Winter Hat Craft

If you're looking for a super easy craft to do with your kids or your students, this Paper Winter Hat Craft by Our Kid Things is an excellent choice. All you have to do is print the template on coloured paper, cut, paste, and decorate. Easy peasy!

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (36)

Photo Eskimo Craft

Use your child's photo to make this super fun Photo Eskimo Craft from Simple Everyday Mom. The grandparents would love to get one, too. It's a fun and personalised craft to enjoy making together on a snowy day. Make one for each member of the family and put them on display!

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (37)

Winter Animals Paper Chain

A polar bear, a penguin, and a fox come together to form this cute Winter Animals Paper Chain by Artsy Momma. The chain is easy to make using rolled paper, markers, googly eyes, and some coloured paper. What are some other animals you could add? A snowy owl would be easy to do!

Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (38)

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Wonderful Winter Crafts for Kids (2024)
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