Winter Crafts for Kids to Make: 14 Easy & Fun Ideas (2024)

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These winter crafts for kids to make are easy and fun ideas to enjoy creative activities to celebrate the season and more.

Get ready for some super cool ways to have a blast with these DIY projects for winter fun!

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Easily Boost the Winter Season With Fun Crafts

When the weather gets cold, you probably find yourself spending more time indoors. I've found that it can be extremely helpful to have engaging and creative ways to keep kids busy when you're stuck inside 😉

Over the years, my boys and I have had so much fun during our craft time. We all love having hands-on activities that inspire creativity and spend quality time together. It's a great way to build fine motor skills as we make a fun winter craft.

As another winter season approaches, I decided to gather some simple yet fun ways to make winter crafts for kids. And I just had to share these winter craft ideas with you!

14 Winter Crafts for Kids

Keep kids entertained and warm during the winter months with these easy and fun crafts.

From snowman crafts to cozy winter-themed projects, discover 14 winter crafts for kids that will keep your little ones busy and happy indoors.

1. Polystyrene Peanut Snowman Craft by DIY Thought

Make a cute snowman craft using polystyrene peanuts. Discover how to reuse this material and reduce waste.

2. Snow Paint by The Best Ideas for Kids

Learn how to make snow paint with just water and food coloring. This simple recipe is perfect for a fun and interactive activity on a snow day.

3. Paper Plate Winter Hat Craft by Taming Little Monsters

Discover how to create a paper plate winter hat using basic supplies (like paint and cotton balls). Engage young children in a delightful winter activity, while starting discussions on winter attire.

4. Polar Bear Name Craft by Simple Everyday Mom

Make learning to spell fun with a polar bear name craft. Create a personalized glacier with their name and add snowflakes for a winter touch.

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5. Hibernating Bear Paper Plate Craft by A Little Pinch of Perfect

Create a charming hibernating bear craft with paper plates and natural finds. Teach kids about winter hibernation while enjoying the crafting process.

6. Doily Snowman Craft by Easy Peasy and Fun

Looking for an easy winter craft? You'll love this paper doily snowman idea. Perfect for kids of all ages. Each age group adds its own unique artistic touch.

7. Easy Winter Tree Craft – Marble Painting by Simply Full of Delight

Celebrate winter with this marble paint tree craft. Stay warm while little hands create their own DIY winter trees.

8. Marshmallow Snowflake Craft by For the Love of Food

Make an edible marshmallow snowflake craft in minutes. Perfect for kids of all ages, with just two ingredients.

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9. Rocking Paper Plate Snowman by Arty Crafty Kids

Craft a delightful paper plate snowman with your children this winter. Engaging and entertaining, this activity promises endless fun.

10. DIY Yarn Pom Pom Snowball Fight Kit by Tikkodi

Create your own DIY snowball fight kit for endless winter fun, even in snowless areas. Kids will love making the fluffy yarn pom poms and having a snowball fight afterward.

11. DIY Popsicle Stick Sled Ornament by Sustain My Craft Habit

Get older kids involved in making DIY ornaments. This unique popsicle stick sled is a perfect craft during the winter months.

12. 3D Penguin Pop Up Card by Arty Crafty Bee

Learn how to create a charming 3D penguin pop-up card with this simple tutorial. Making pop-up cards is easier than you think.

13. Cereal Box Winter Diorama by Crafts by Amanda

Keep kids warm and entertained with this Cereal Box Winter Diorama activity. Build a snowy scene indoors and enjoy wintertime fun without the chill.

14. Toilet Paper Gnomes by Country Girl’s Life

Gnomes have become a popular choice in home decor. Let the kids make some toilet paper gnomes that can be used in the winter decorations!

Winter Crafts for Kids to Make: 14 Easy & Fun Ideas (5)

Which of These Winter Crafts for Kids Will You Try First?

Aren't these winter crafts just wonderful? My boys and I have those toilet paper gnomes and marshmallow snowflake crafts high up on our list for winter fun.

Of course, we'll be making paper snowflakes (with white construction paper and coffee filters) and other simple crafts with materials like googly eyes, popsicle sticks, watercolor paints, toilet paper rolls, and more). And our hot chocolate craft (well, it's really a card!) is always a big hit!

I love how you can use such simple supplies in different waysto make some of the best winter crafts.

We would love to know which of these winter crafts for kids will you be trying this year. Please share in the comment area at the bottom of the post!

Wishing you and your kids tons of winter fun!

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Winter Crafts for Kids to Make: 14 Easy & Fun Ideas (2024)
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