35 Winter Crafts for Kids (2024)

Looking for some cute winter crafts for kids? Children’s wintertime craft ideas are some of the most adorable, with everything from snowflakes to snowmen, icy icicles and igloos. Boys and girls are sure to love these fun and easy craft ideas to make during the winter holiday. Decorate the windows, walls and even Christmas gifts with these cute and crafty DIY projects. 35 winter kids crafts to choose from, most made with inexpensive supplies you may already have or can pick up at the Dollar store.


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1. Stained Glass Mitten


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For a cheap and easy kids craft idea to make this winter, I love these colorful stained glass mittens that seem to turn out cute no matter what. Made with inexpensive supplies, tissue paper, contact paper and colored constuction paper, these are fun to make for kids at home, a project idea for young kids at school but even fun for adults to make or at least help with. Decorate the windows with these wintery mitten crafts.

2. Winter Hats Craft for Kids


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Cotton balls are one of my favorite supplies to use for winter crafts for kids, they just love playing with them and decorating things with warm fuzzy edges for the snow! These cotton ball winter hats are super simple to make and all turn out differently. Let kids design the hats with colors or markers then provide cotton balls and glue for making these. Quick, easy and cheap the way all good kids crafts should be.

3. Melted Snowman Craft


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Make memories with your child thatwill melt your heart with today’s adorable melted snowman craft project.When it’s cold outside, bring the fun inside!Such a fun and simplewinter craft for kidsand goes great with a variety of snowman themed books. So what are you waiting for? Don’t let this crafty idea “melt” away! Grab the supplies listed on the blog and make these funmelted snowman craftstoday.

4. Popsicle Stick Hot Chocolate Mug – Kid Craft


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (5)

Keep the kids entertained during winter break and snow days with fun and easy Popsicle Stick Hot Chocolate Mug craft from Glued to My Crafts Blog. This is a kid friendly craft that won’t burn, spill or ruin your Christmas celebrations. So, get in the spirit of winter and create your own hot chocolate mug using popsicle sticks.

5. Sparkly Icicle Craft


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (6)

This sparkly icicle craft makes great Christmas ornaments for the tree or you can use them to create a Winter display right through the season. To make a sparkly icicle start by cutting or tearing a piece ofaluminium foila few centimetres longer than you want your icicle to be. Then tear off the lower corners to give a blunt triangle. This helps your icicle craft taper. Seriously, it doesn’t get any easier than this.

6. Paper Plate Snowflake Yarn Art


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (7)

Come and create beautifulsnowflake yarn artonpaper plates with this easy tutorial from I Heart Crafty Things. To make thisyarn artyou’ll need the following supplies:snowflake paper plates, push pins, steel yarn needle, yarn, scissors, and tape. Thispaper plate snowflake yarn artis a perfect activity for the winter months and is great for beginning sewing and fine motor skills in kids.

7. Borax Snowflake


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (8)

These are so pretty! And how magical to just let the crystals grow over a couple days. I had no idea you could do that with Borax. The Borax crystals on the pipe cleaners looks so pretty and snowy.Nothing like a sparkly snowflake to make our desert feel a little more wintery. Homemade ornaments are my favorite and they are great crafts for kids so I am definitely trying this one out.

8. Pasta Snowflake


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (9)

Another great winter project for the kids! Painted coffee filters, pinwheel pasta and paper straws come together to create awesome texture in this winter kids craft. This fun snowflake craft is also a fun way for kids to be creative with symmetry when creating their own, unique snowflake design.Can’t wait to make some with my kids.

9. Foam Cup Snowmen


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (10)

You can make almost anything into asnowman! But even if it isn’t snowing where you live, kids will lovemakingthese Foam Cup Snowmen. This simple project is easy enough for kids to do with minimal adult help and they make a cheerful decoration for Christmas or throughout the winter season. Kids will be so proud of their snowman creations!

10. Snow Slime


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (11)

Almost all kids love playing with slime. What’s great is that you can make it for other people as holiday gifts and serves as a super fun winter activity. Mason jars make great containers for snow slime and they are cute. Gather your materials. To make 3 small jars full of lovely slime you will need 2 bottles of clear Elmer’s glue, one bottle of white, silver and blue glitter,foil snowflakes, a bowl and spatula,liquid starch, somewashi tapeand 3 smallmason jars.

11. Shivery Snow Paint


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (12)

This Amazing Puffy Snow Paint recipe is perfect for creating spectacular winter snowman scenes with children of all ages. There are lots of recipes out there to show you how to make puffy paint. But you will love this quick and easy puffy paint recipe the best! This DIY Puffy Paint recipe gives a wonderful fluffy texture, butunlike other recipes, will actually dry puffy so you can hang your pictures! It is fun to paint and admire hanging on your walls.

12. Bubble Wrap Snowy Tree Kid Craft


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (13)

This neat print-makingcraftis great forkidsof all ages. This craftytreecan be used for so many different displays andchildrenare sure to love having one in their own room. Not only is this idea super simple, really inexpensive but it’s also the perfect excuse to stay indoors where it’s nice and warm and craft a little while you make some winter memories.

13. Melting Icebergs


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (14)

14. Cotton Pad Snowman Puppets


Winter Crafts for Toddlers and Kids – Cotton Pad Snowman Puppets – Easy Art Projects and Craft Ideas for 2 Year Olds, Preschool Age Children – Simple Indoor Activities, Things To Make At Home in Wintertime – Snow, Snowflake and Icicle, Snowmen – Classroom Art Projects #kidscrafts #craftsforkids #winters

15. Watercolour and Oil Pastel Resist Snowflake


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (15)

16. Name Snowmen


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (16)

17. Sparkly Snowflakes


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (17)

18. Doily Snowman Craft


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (18)

19. Snowflake Handprints


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (19)

20. Paper Plate Penguin


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (20)

21. Soda Bottle Snowflake Stamp Craft


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (21)

22. Ice Volcanoes


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (22)

23. Frozen Olaf Cup Craft for Kids


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (23)

24. Popsicle Stick Reindeer


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (24)

25. Colored Ice Ornaments


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (25)

26. Winter Sky Art for Kids


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (26)

27. Frosty Pinecone Craft


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (27)

28. Winter In A Bag


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (28)

29. Snow Storm In A Jar


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (29)

30. Construction Paper Gingerbread Man Mosaic


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (30)

31. Winter Mitten Craft for Preschoolers


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (31)

32. Snowman Sensory Bottle


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (32)

33. Q-Tip Painted Snowflake


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (33)

34. Snowman Paper Plate Masks


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (34)

35. Snow Paint


35 Winter Crafts for Kids (35)

35 Winter Crafts for Kids (2024)
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