Winter Crafts for Kids (2024)

The winter season, with shorter days and unpredictable weather, is a wonderful time for kids to make some crafts. In this post, you will find an assortment of winter crafts for kids to make that are perfect for snow days!

These 25+ winter crafts for kids are easy to make and only use basic household crafting supplies.

Winter Crafts for Kids (1)

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These winter crafts for kids are fun to make and will also help young children develop the necessary skills for learning and creativity.

Winter Crafts Using Watercolor Paints

Winter Art Activity: Crayon Resist Winter Landscape– This simple but beautiful art technique is perfect for creating a winter scene. All you need is some paper, a white crayon, and watercolor paints.

Winter Crafts for Kids (3)

Winter Art Project Inspired by Snowflake Bentley by Stir the Wonder– This open-ended winter craft for preschoolers is inspired by the book Snowflake Bentley. For this craft project, you will need white paper, white waxy crayons, and watercolor paints.

Winter Crafts for Kids (4)

Watercolor and Salt Snowflakes Winter Craft by Teach Beside Me – This cool winter snowflake craft is so colorful! You will need glue, salt, and watercolor paints to create this craft project.

Winter Crafts for Kids (5)

How to Make Coffee Filter Snowflakes by One Little Project– These colorful snowflakes would look beautiful hanging in the windows all winter long. They are made using coffee filters and a watercolor technique using washable markers.

Winter Crafts for Kids (6)

Icicle Garland Watercolor Drip Painted Craft for Kids by Stir the Wonder – Decorate your home or classroom with this beautiful icicle garland. You will need paper towel, watercolor paints, scissors, and string for this winter craft.

Winter Crafts Using Paper Plates

Winter Crafts for Kids (7)

Paper Plate Snowman Craft by I Heart Crafty Things – Kids will have fun creating this adorable snowman winter craft. For this project, you will need basic white paper plates and common craft supplies.

Winter Crafts for Kids (8)

Polar Bear Paper Plate by A Dab of Glue Will Do – This adorable polar bear is a wonderful winter craft project for kids. You will need basic white paper plates, markers, glue, and other common craft supplies.

Winter Crafts for Kids (9)

3D Clear Plate Snow Globe Keepsake by Crafty Morning – This adorable winter craft will be a keepsake for years to come! For this winter craft, you will need clear plastic plates, a photo, and other basic craft supplies.

Winter Crafts for Kids (10)

Rocking Paper Plate Snowman by Easy Peasy and Fun – This fun winter craft is easy for kids to make. You will need basic white paper plates, construction paper, glue, and markers.

Winter Crafts for Kids (11)

Paper Plate Snowflake Yarn Art by I Heart Crafty Things – This paper plate snowflake yarn art is a lovely winter craft for kids. Paper plates and yarn are the only supplies you will need.

Winter Crafts Using Paint

Pretty Winter Lantern Craft – These pretty snowflake lanterns will make lovely winter decorations around your home. To make this winter craft, you will need a glass jar, hot glue, paints, and maybe some glitter.

Snowman Bird Feeder Craft for Preschoolers – This neat craft is fun for preschoolers to make and will also feed the birds, so it’s useful too! For this craft, you will need paper egg cartons, paint, string, peanut butter, and birdseed.

A STEM Snowman Craft and Activity– This adorable winter craft involves painting and decorating recycled toilet paper rolls to make a snowman. Then preschoolers can use STEM skills to build a snowman.

Loofa Snowman Craft– This winter craft is fun for preschoolers! They will use the neat texture of a loofa scrubber to paint and decorate a snowman.

A Snowflake Printmaking Art Project – This winter craft project uses a neat printmaking technique. You will need paper snowflakes, paint, and sheets of paper to do this fantastic winter art project.

Winter Crafts Using Paper

Birch Winter Tree Art Project – This creative winter art project uses recycled magazine pages and paint to make these adorable birch tree branches. All you need is painter’s tape, paint, and a magazine to recycle.

Paper Snowflake Puzzles Preschool Winter Craft – This simple winter craft is a great way for preschoolers to practice scissor skills and visual discrimination. All you will need is some white paper, colored paper, scissors, and tape.

Snowflake Silhouettes – This winter craft will look beautiful in the window all season long! For this project, you will need clear contact paper, blue tissue paper, and black paper cut into snowflakes.

Winter Crafts for Kids (20)

Mosaic Snowman Craft for Kids by Crafts on Sea – This paper mosaic snowman craft is a wonderful winter project for working on fine motor skills. You will need blue and white paper, scissors, glue, and other basic craft supplies.

Winter Crafts for Kids (21)

Paper Chain Snowman Craft from ABCs to ACTsThis adorable paper chain snowman is so easy for kids to make! You only need white paper, glue, and some other craft supplies to design the snowman.

Winter Crafts Using Found Objects

Stunning and Simple String Wrapped Snowflake – Kids will enjoy making these one-of-a-kind snowflakes to hang around your home or classroom. You will need sticks and white string.

Washer Snowman Craft for Kids– This adorable snowman ornament is a cool winter craft for kids to make. It uses bits and bobs found in a hardware store and paint.

Winter Crafts for Kids (24)

Popsicle Stick Hot Chocolate Mug by Glued to My Crafts– This cute winter craft uses popsicle sticks to create a hot chocolate mug. You will need craft sticks, paint and glue to make this adorable winter craft.

Winter Crafts for Kids (25)

Winter Tree Art for Kids by Fantastic Fun and Learning – This winter scene is a simple craft for kids to make. All that is needed are twigs, paint, and cotton swabs for this adorable winter craft.

Winter Crafts for Kids (26)

Beaded Snowflake Craft for Kids by Early Learning Ideas– Kids can work on fine motor skills with this pretty beaded snowflake craft. You will only need pipe cleaners and beads for this winter craft.

Winter Crafts for Kids (27)

There you have it, 25+ winter crafts for kids! I hope you are inspired by these simple ideas to enjoy some craft time with your kids this winter.


P.S. Don’t forget to grab your FREE Scavenger Hunt printables!

Winter Crafts for Kids (2024)
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