Carrot Gnocchi Recipe (2024)



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A success this week! No confectioners sugar, a sauce made from tomatoes and cilantro. ☺️


I have to tell you, working this recipe for the first time was a pleasure. I’d never made gnocchi and everything was going well. I decided to use up some 00 flour in the pantry, and as I added it, I thought to myself, “I never realized how much this 00 flour looks like powdered sugar.” We had pasta. I’ll try it again next Thursday. I think I got the hang of it.


Lovely recipe. Simplified it a bit: potatoes in the oven for an hour and sliced up carrots into disks and cooked on low 20 or so minutes (lid on to let them steam too.) Then peeled the potatoes, smashed the potatoes, and then used an immersion blender to blend the carrots with the potatoes. Added a touch of salt and pepper, then mixed with some plain flour until it came together. The log/fork thing seemed fiddly, so I dropped spoonfuls of dough into boiling water then sautéed them. Delicious.


Carrots cooked on the stovetop as described are not pureeing. The food processor just chops them more finely (I finally grated in the processor) but it's not "smooth". Tips?

a cook from Toronto

Definitely more flour needed. This is not a good gnocchi recipe. Should have at least 4 C of flour and an egg. These were pillowy soft but they almost fell apart in the cooking water and were bland. I’m going back to my old recipe: 1 potato, 1 cup veg purée, 1 egg, 1.5 cups flour, nutmeg, S&P.


Wow! Delicious! Next time I won't grate carrots, but will boil them till soft & try boiling potatoes as well, as removing from the baked skins was a pain. I put the potatoes & carrots in a stand mixer & mixed for 5 mins as I don't have a ricer & I added an egg. Once adding flour, it never felt 100% not sticky, I just got just enough flour in that I could fold it into a rectangle w/ dough scraper and then heavily floured my surface to roll it into snakes & cut with dough scraper - Excellent!


Can I use gluten free flour?


Used shelf stable gnocchi and the olive oil/anchovy variation, improvised with what was on hand: garlic, evoo, anchovies & 1/2 dozen chopped shrimp, handful of mild green olives (pitted & rough chopped), red pepper flakes, French feta, finely grated pecorino Romano, and chopped mint. DELICIOUS!


I made this and found it easy and delicious. Didn’t have a ricer so put the potatoes through a mesh sieve. The dough was sticky but it when rolling it to lightly flour the board I was rolling on. Defs making it again. The carrot version next time


Easier dough than expected. Whole family loved this. Steamed the carrots and blended them with an egg yolk for extra insurance. Used “00” flour and needed about the same amount as suggested here. Cooked in mere moments. Served with brown butter and Parmesan, oaky chard in hand. Along with a nice salad and some amaretti cookies I felt like we were living the Dolce Vita.


I made this, but included a little marscapone because I had some in the fridge and the potatoes turned out a little drier than I would have liked, the result was lovely. This recipe is quite easy to make.

did not work

Similar to another user I had great trouble with the stickiness of my dough. I ended up adding at least a cup more flour than the recipe called for and it still was pretty hard to work with. I also found it pretty bland and ended up adding garlic and more herbs to the brown butter. Would not make again.


I had low expectations, seeing as I used leftover mashed Yukon gold potatoes, and kind of eyeballed proportions, but man! It was good! Rolled the cooked gnocchi around in the pan to soak up the browned butter left in the pan, and I don’t think that hurt one bit.

Cheryl Baptista

I had low expectations for my attempt at this, since I used leftover mashed Yukon gold potatoes and kind of winged the proportions, but it was really good! Rolled the cooked gnocchi around in the sauté pan I cooked the browned butter and sage in just to wipe up the last bits of butter, and that didn’t hurt.


I cut up the potatoes as a commenter suggested, but I think in the end it slowed me down and resulted in a more textured end-product. The browned bits were delicious though, and I had no problem with the dough or anything falling apart.

Potaters gonna potate

First time making gnocchi! Twas fun! I don’t have a food processor so I puréed the carrot by hand until I got tired. I also don’t have a ricer/food mill, so I grated the potato. Gnocchi came out nice and pillowy. You truly love to see it!!


Tasted good but no matter how much flour I use, the dough was too sticky too handle. Any tips?


Lovely recipe. Simplified it a bit: potatoes in the oven for an hour and sliced up carrots into disks and cooked on low 20 or so minutes (lid on to let them steam too.) Then peeled the potatoes, smashed the potatoes, and then used an immersion blender to blend the carrots with the potatoes. Added a touch of salt and pepper, then mixed with some plain flour until it came together. The log/fork thing seemed fiddly, so I dropped spoonfuls of dough into boiling water then sautéed them. Delicious.

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Carrot Gnocchi Recipe (2024)


Is gnocchi better with or without egg? ›

Egg yolk added to your gnocchi dough helps improve texture, and keep it together while cooking. Gnocchi is traditionally made with eggs in Veneto and no eggs in Piedmont, the two Northern Italian regions famous for gnocchi. We vote for egg yolks at the rate of 1 per (500g) 1 lb of uncooked potatoes used.

Is gnocchi better fried or boiled? ›

Boiled gnocchi can be a bit stodgy, a bit slimy, a bit heavy… fried gnocchi is perfectly crispy and fluffy and light and toasty and all sorts of other lovely adjectives.

Why is my gnocchi rubbery? ›

Flour: This will 'make or break' your gnocchi. Too much and the gnocchi will be chewy with a rubbery consistency. Too little and the gnocchi will not come together and will fall apart when boiled. So start with 3/4 of the recommended flour and once it's all mixed in, slowly incorporate more (bit by bit).

Is gnocchi more unhealthy than pasta? ›

Nutritional Value

Believe it or not, regular pasta is actually more carb-heavy than gnocchi, coming in at around 2 times the amount of carbs per serving. Gnocchi is also notorious for having a lot more sodium, with over 200 grams of it per serving. Regular pasta doesn't have nearly as high of a sodium content.

What do Italians eat gnocchi with? ›

A classic choice for saucing gnocchi is a simple combination of butter and sage, but the possibilities are endless. Simpler sauces like pesto, marinara and vodka are good choices, as are heartier sauces like Bolognese, cheese and cream sauces.

Are gnocchi healthier than pasta? ›

pasta, neither is really the better option. Regular pasta is higher in protein and has small amounts of some nutrients, while gnocchi is lower in calories and carbohydrates. But because gnocchi is smaller and denser, it's likely that you'd end up eating bigger portions than if you were eating regular pasta.

What should you not do when making gnocchi? ›

Don't overwork the dough: When making gnocchi dough, it's important not to overwork it. Overworking the dough can make the gnocchi tough and chewy. Mix the ingredients together just until the dough comes together, and then stop mixing! You're not kneading bread here.

What flour is best for gnocchi? ›

Some gnocchi recipes recommend floury potatoes instead, such as Idaho potatoes or Russet potatoes, but I don't always agree. They're too mealy. Tipo 00 Flour is a soft, fine milled flour from Italy. It's a must-have for light and tender gnocchi and homemade pasta.

What do you eat with gnocchi? ›

If your pasta is gnocchi , make your appetizer simple like some fine greens and olive oil. Make the gnocchi elegant tasting in a cheese sauce and the secondi or entree equally good but light. Fish might be a good choice, or a Then serve a simple salad using herbs and the freshest raw vegetable.

Why did my gnocchi fall apart when boiling? ›

Gnocchi can disintegrate for a few reasons. You might not have added enough flour or egg, or you may have overboiled them.

What are the best potatoes for gnocchi? ›

Russets will do, but Yukon Golds have more of the nutty flavor of the yellow-fleshed boiling potatoes used by the Italian and Provençal cooks who have mastered gnocchi.

Can you cook gnocchi in sauce instead of water? ›

A perfect quick and easy weeknight dinner recipe, the mini gnocchi is cooked directly in the vodka sauce, no pre-boiling necessary (which means less dishes for you!)

What is the difference between French and Italian gnocchi? ›

While the best Italian gnocchi are light and pillowy, Parisian-style gnocchi are even lighter, and far easier to make. While boiling them in the style of Italian gnocchi is a great way to cook them, you can also fry the gnocchi in a skillet to be used as a blank palate for any number of seasonally-based pasta dishes.

What's the difference between gnocchi and potato gnocchi? ›

Unlike potato gnocchi, Roman gnocchi (Gnocchi alla romana), are made with semolina instead of potatoes and flour, that's why they are also called Semolina gnocchi. Roman gnocchi are shaped differently than potato gnocchi.

Are there different kinds of gnocchi? ›

In Piedmont, ravioles are a type of gnocchi made with cheese from the mountain, while chestnut flour and pumpkin gnocchi are called gnocchi ossolani. The term gnocchi also includes those made with semolina flour such as gnocchi alla romana or gnoches de gries.

Which is better potato or ricotta gnocchi? ›

But gnocchi can be made with ricotta too, which is a delicious alternative to its famous cousin. Comparatively speaking, ricotta gnocchi are quicker to prepare (just mix everything together- no potatoes to boil here!) and the texture is light and fluffy, in a unique “spongey” type way.

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