28 Passover Recipes To Make For Your Seder (2024)

Make this night different from all other nights.

1. 40-Clove Garlic Chicken

28 Passover Recipes To Make For Your Seder (2)

Tasty / Via tasty.co

Yes, there are actually 40 cloves of garlic used to make this roast chicken and yes, it's as delicious as you are probably imaginging.

Recipe: 40-Clove Garlic Chicken

2. Sweet Potato And Chickpea Salad

28 Passover Recipes To Make For Your Seder (3)

Tasty / Via tasty.co

Sick of tzimis year after year at your Passover celebration? Give sweet potatoes new life with the help of this sweet and savory side dish.

Recipe: Sweet Potato And Chickpea Salad

3. Roasted Cauliflower With Tahini Yogurt

28 Passover Recipes To Make For Your Seder (4)

Tasty / Via tasty.co

Cauliflower is tossed in a za'atar and cumin mixture, roasted until fork tender and golden, then served with a homemade tahini, yogurt, and lemon sauce that takes this veggie dish to the next level.

Recipe: Roasted Cauliflower With Tahini Yogurt

4. Gluten-Free Matzoh Lasagna

Lexi's Clean Kitchen / Via lexiscleankitchen.com

This kid-friendly passover recipe is bound to be a hit. This vegetarian lasagna is made with spinach, mushrooms, and lots of cheese. Get the recipe.

5. Matzoh Ball Pozole

28 Passover Recipes To Make For Your Seder (5)

Little Ferraro Kitchen / Via littleferrarokitchen.com

Jewish and Mexican flavors collide in this unique take on matzoh ball soup. Shredded chicken, hominy, black beans, and matzoh balls are simmered in a spicy broth made with onion, garlic, and chile sauce. Get the recipe.

6. Matzoh Schnitzel

28 Passover Recipes To Make For Your Seder (6)

joyofkosher.com / Via Joy Of Kosher

Matzoh meal or crushed up matzoh takes the place of bread crumbs in this festive chicken dish. Get the recipe.

7. Easy Braised Short Ribs

iFood Real / Via ifoodreal.com

Brown the bone-in short ribs in a Dutch oven, then add in the veggies and all your seasonings. Let everything cook for about three hours and voilà: a main course that literally melts in your mouth. Get the recipe.

8. Spinach and White Cheddar Baked Matzoh Frittata

28 Passover Recipes To Make For Your Seder (7)

My Name is Yeh / Via mynameisyeh.com

The morning after your Passover seder should start with this. Get the recipe.

9. Tzimmes With Tahini Pesto and Pomegranate

28 Passover Recipes To Make For Your Seder (8)

What Jew Wanna Eat / Via whatjewwannaeat.com

Tzimmes is traditionally made with carrots, yams, and prunes, but this recipe shakes things up a bit with a simple homemade tahini pesto and tangy pomegranate seeds. Get the recipe.

10. Tender Braised Brisket

Chew Out Loud / Via chewoutloud.com

If you're tired of making Bubbe's old brisket recipe, give this one a try. The best part is it can be made ahead of time if you're prepping for a crowd (and between us, it tastes even better the next day). Get the recipe.

11. Potato Kugel Gratin

28 Passover Recipes To Make For Your Seder (9)

Johnny Miller via Martha Stewart / Via marthastewart.com

Take leftover matzoh meal and pour it over the potato mixture to give this gratin an extra crispy, golden-brown crust. Get the recipe.

12. Halibut and Salmon Terrine With Aioli and Horseradish

28 Passover Recipes To Make For Your Seder (10)

Maura Mcevoy via Martha Stewart / Via marthastewart.com

Take your gifilte fish game to the next level with this #fancy halibut and salmon terrine, topped with creamy garlic aioli and spicy horseradish. Get the recipe.

13. Braised Fennel With Apricots and Figs

28 Passover Recipes To Make For Your Seder (11)

May I Have That Recipe / Via mayihavethatrecipe.com

Pair this sweet and savory veggie side dish with anything from simple roasted chicken to beef brisket. Get the recipe.

14. Matzoh Brei Breakfast Sandwich

I Will Not Eat Oysters / Via iwillnoteatoysters.com

This matzoh brei breakfast sandwich totally makes up for the fact bread is off-limits for seven days. Get the recipe.

15. Vegetable Kugel With Caramelized Leeks

28 Passover Recipes To Make For Your Seder (12)

What Jew Wanna Eat / Via whatjewwannaeat.com

Potato kugel gets a makeover, thanks to sweet potato, zucchini, and leeks. The whole thing is baked into a casserole with eggs, vegetable oil, and matzoh meal until its moist on the inside and crispy on top. Get the recipe.

16. Sweet and Sticky Apricot Chicken

Half Baked Harvest / Via halfbakedharvest.com

This mouthwatering apricot chicken calls for only three ingredients: chicken breasts or thighs, apricot preserves, and Russian dressing. Serve it over your favorite grain like quinoa or cauliflower rice. Get the recipe.

17. Spinach and Ricotta Noodle Kugel

Vodka and Biscuits / Via vodkaandbiscuits.com

You can swap spinach for whatever green veggies you have on hand like broccoli, kale, or even green beans. Baked with caramelized onion and roasted garlic, this side dish is bursting with flavor. Get the recipe.

18. Honey Lemon Garlic Chicken

28 Passover Recipes To Make For Your Seder (13)

Cafe Delites / Via cafedelites.com

This tangy and sweet glaze is made with honey, lemon juice, soy sauce, vinegar, and minced garlic. Use bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs to ensure the chicken gets nice and crispy. Get the recipe.

19. Matzo Ball Tomato Soup With Matzo Grilled Cheese

What Jew Wanna Eat / Via whatjewwannaeat.com

If you don't have time to make tomato soup from scratch, just take premade matzoh balls and plop them in a store-bought soup. Don't forget the mozzarella stuffed matzo for dipping. Get the recipe.

20. Chicken Soup With Shallot-Shiitake Matzoh Balls

28 Passover Recipes To Make For Your Seder (14)

Faith Durand via The Kitchn / Via thekitchn.com

This recipe doesn't stray too far from the classic version, but shallots and shiitake mushrooms give the matzo balls extra umami flavor. Get the recipe.

21. Roasted Citrus Chicken

28 Passover Recipes To Make For Your Seder (15)

The View From Great Island / Via theviewfromgreatisland.com

This Middle Eastern–inspired chicken recipe features clementines, lemon juice, orange juice, and fennel. For the best results, leave the peels on the citrus while the dish bakes. Get the recipe.

22. Chicken With Prunes, Apricots, and Olives

28 Passover Recipes To Make For Your Seder (16)

Joy Of Kosher / Via joyofkosher.com

Use whatever cut of chicken you like best to make this main dish full of tart, tangy, and sweet flavors from olives, apricots, prunes, citrus, and garlic. Get the recipe.

23. Japanese Gifilte Fish Cakes

Cooking In Heelss / Via cookinginheelss.squarespace.com

If you want to spice up this year's seder table, opt for this recipe for Japanese-inspired gifilte fish. The fish patties — made with scallions, ginger, garlic, corn, miso, soy sauce, and egg — are pan-fried and finished in the oven. Get the recipe.

24. Deep Fried Matzoh Balls

28 Passover Recipes To Make For Your Seder (17)

Natalie Paramore / Via natalieparamore.com

These indulgent matzoh balls are coated in egg and panko. Then they're deep-fried to crispy, creamy perfection. Just don't forget the three-ingredient spicy Sriracha dipping sauce. Get the recipe.

25. Flourless Peanut Butter Brownies

28 Passover Recipes To Make For Your Seder (18)

Le Creme de la Crumb / Via lecremedelacrumb.com

No flour? No problem. Whip up these peanut butter brownies and watch your guests travel to chocolate heaven. Get the recipe.

26. Chocolate Caramel Matzo Brittle

28 Passover Recipes To Make For Your Seder (19)

Karen Biton-Cohen via The Kitchn / Via thekitchn.com

Salty, sweet, and super crunchy, these chocolate covered matzo bites come together with just four ingredients (plus any of your favorite extra toppings). Get the recipe.

27. Salted Caramel Macaroons

28 Passover Recipes To Make For Your Seder (20)

Life Love and Sugar / Via lifeloveandsugar.com

It wouldn't be passover without some coconut macaroons. These guys are drizzled with melted chocolate and caramel, then they're finished with a sprinkle of sea salt. Get the recipe.

28. Flourless Marshmallow Crunch Brownies

28 Passover Recipes To Make For Your Seder (21)

Yammie's Noshery / Via yammiesnoshery.com

This dessert recipe is all about the topping. We're talking mini marshmallows, Rice Krispies, chocolate chips, and peanut butter cups. Get the recipe.

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    28 Passover Recipes To Make For Your Seder (2024)


    What is a good menu for Passover? ›

    The actual Seder meal is also quite variable. Traditions among Ashkenazi Jews generally include gefilte fish (poached fish dumplings), matzo ball soup, brisket or roast chicken, potato kugel (somewhat like a casserole) and tzimmes, a stew of carrots and prunes, sometimes including potatoes or sweet potatoes.

    How to make a Passover Seder meal? ›

    Focus on making dishes with fresh ingredients that are inherently kosher for Passover: fruit, virtually all vegetables, quinoa, eggs, fish, chicken, and meat. And keep in mind that you can swap in kosher wine, pareve margarine, and matzo meal as you prefer.

    What to bring to Passover Seder food? ›

    A fruit tray, kosher wine, pre-arranged flowers, or a Passover book are culturally appropriate." While there are many great Passover recipes, it's important to keep in mind that food prepared and cooked in a non-kosher home is not kosher, which will matter to families who closely follow Passover dietary restrictions.

    What is the most important Passover food? ›

    Matzah. The most iconic of all the Passover foods, matzah is an unleavened cracker-like food that represents the bread the Israelites took with them when they were rushing to leave Egypt.

    What foods to avoid on Passover? ›

    According to the Torah, we are supposed to eat matzo and abstain from eating wheat, barley, rye, spelt, and oats for the eight days of Passover. The category of foods called kitniyot (corn, rice, and beans) have also been off limits for many Ashkenazi families.

    What does lettuce represent on the Seder plate? ›

    A second bitter item, which is sometimes left off the Seder plate entirely, romaine lettuce symbolizes the fact that the Jewish stay in Egypt began soft and ended hard and bitter (look at the two ends of a piece of lettuce). How it's used: Some families do use the chazeret and the maror interchangeably or together.

    What are the three foods of the Passover meal? ›

    The biblical passover meal involves the commanment to eat Roasted Passover Lamb, Matzoh, and Bitter Herbs alongside an edible mixture to remind us of mortar.

    What does כרפס mean? ›

    What is Karpas כרפס? Karpas is a springtime or leafy vegetable that is dipped during the early stages of the Passover seder. It comes 3rd in the order of the seder, after Kiddush (Kadesh) and Urchatz (the first washing of hands).

    What can I use instead of a shank bone? ›

    Z'roah: a roasted shank bone of a lamb. Represents the Passover plate offering of a lamb made at the ancient Temple in Jerusalem in the early spring. Sometimes a chicken neck is substituted, and in vegetarian homes, a beet, a yam, or a carrot may be substituted.

    What do you wear to Passover seder? ›

    People usually dress up a little for the seder, but it's best to ask your host ahead of time, as seder attire can run the gamut from jeans and T-shirts to suit-and-tie. You'll probably eat a lot, however, so don't wear anything with a tight-fitting waist!

    Can you eat asparagus on Passover? ›

    I love serving asparagus at Passover. It's one of my favorite vegetables, and since I (more or less) only eat it seasonally, Passover tends to fall around the beginning of the season.

    What colors are you not supposed to wear on Passover? ›

    There are no "traditional colors" for Passover. It is a springtime holiday, and it has symbols, like Matza and Maror, but no official or traditional colors. Perhaps red and white would be appropriate, for the sprinkling of the blood on the doorpost and the white lamb that was slaughtered. But that will never catch on.

    Is it OK to bring flowers to a seder? ›

    Flowers are not part of the religious ceremonies that surround Passover, but they remind us of spring, and bring joy to participants. Therefore, they are appropriate hostess gifts to grace the Passover Seder Table.

    Is it OK to bring wine to a seder? ›

    If they don't specify what to bring, it is still nice to bring kosher-for-Passover candy or chocolates (found in many grocery stores at this time of year), flowers, or wine (the bottle must say it is kosher for Passover).

    What are the 6 foods of Passover? ›

    There are at least five foods that go on the seder plate: shank bone (zeroa), egg (beitzah), bitter herbs (maror), vegetable (karpas) and a sweet paste called haroset. Many seder plates also have room for a sixth, hazeret (another form of the bitter herbs).

    What is the Passover Seder meal? ›

    The Seder is the traditional Passover meal that includes reading, drinking 4 cups of wine, telling stories, eating special foods, singing, and other Passover traditions.

    What should I bring to a Passover potluck? ›

    1. Challah French Toast with Kahlua Cream Sauce. Challah French Toast with Kahlua Cream Sauce. ...
    2. Kosher co*cktails for Purim - Delicious Drink Recipes and Traditions. ...
    3. Oven Roasted Root Vegetables. ...
    4. Roasted Rosemary Balsamic Tzimmes. ...
    5. Classic Cheesecake. ...
    6. Unstuffed Cabbage - Delicious, healthy comfort food.

    What are Kosher snacks for Passover? ›

    Kosher for Passover snacks include matzo, fruit, nuts, potato chips, macaroons, and chocolate-covered matzo.

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